With so many options to establish a presence on the internet, why would you need to hire someone to help?


When it comes to websites, the possibilities are (almost) endless. This can be great if you know exactly what you want and the time to figure out which website building software can achieve it. Otherwise, the experience of figuring out what you "need" vs. what you want can range from frustrating to traumatic. That's where the plans help. Choose a starting point and build from there.


The myriad tools available to build a website on your own usually come with endless theme alternatives and plugins to sift through for the look and functionality you want. However, if pointing to some websites you like and creating a look and feel based on your logo or a look and feel you already have in mind is more your speed -- I'm your huckleberry. Not only will you get what you want, you can trust it will look good on a variety of devices.


Need to change your phone number, add a team member, or list a feature you just realized was a great asset to your product? No problem. I help you get your information in place before we go live with your website, but you have the ability to change content and add images when you want. (But, if you need me, I'm always here to help.)