With packages starting at less than $1000 for a completely functional, custom website, a great idea is to start with that as a foundation and to add as you need. However, if you simply need some of the other services we offer, please refer to appropriate tab to see the rate.

$50 per hour

(For existing website [full website build] clients.)

Love what you have but just want to add a new feature or two? It's easy!  Just contact me and let me know what you want me to do.


  • Add a call-out/call-to-action section to show announcements or events
  • Change the layout of a section to better organize the content
  • Add a contact form

$75 per hour

(This rate is for clients who have a website built by someone else or who want me to work with another developer to build their website on a non-Silverstripe platform.)

Some clients already have a website that just needs a change here and there to boost their overall appearance, increase visitor retention, or add functionality. Others need to add extensive functionality to an existing site and don't know where to begin. I can help.

  • Helping with WordPress installation, setup, module selection and implementation
  • Making content and layout modifications to non-Alavive websites
  • Creating a website plan to use with another developer (some people can code well but have no idea how to arrange a website)

$60 per hour

Whether I build your website or work with you to promote it, I know how to make your product, service, or ideas visible across the web.

  • Search engine optimization
  • Social Media planning and post scheduling
  • Website search submissions

$60 per hour

A great website involves visitor-retaining content that is rich in keywords but meaningful to the reader. Beyond that, it is important to understand the personality of the brand you want to build (or already have) and to convey that with consistency of tone and tenacity. To achieve this effectively requires research and commitment.