Whether you're a creative looking for ways to showcase your work/turn your hobby into an income, a small business just starting out (or trying to break away from the chaotic options and updates from any of the build-your-own website businesses), or a design shop looking to outsource some work, I've probably done it before.

With so many options to establish a presence on the internet, why would you need to hire someone to help?

Where to Start

Not sure where to begin when deciding what you want or need in your website? By starting with one of these package plans, you can take the first step toward developing your presence on the web without breaking the bank or getting lost among the possibilities.

All plans are custom built within the scope of the description and based on what you need. Every packaged website is built with a semi-custom or custom, mobile-friendly/responsive design so that your visitors can see and navigate it on just about any device.

I most commonly use the Silverstripe Content Management System (CMS).  The benefit of this is extensive, custom-built functionality without the mess of continual software and plugin updates. 

What about maintenance fees?

Unless you want help to update your website or to benefit from my copy-writing or marketing services, no maintenance fees are necessary. If there are any server-related issues, they will be covered by the hosting cost/not additional. 

Should you need help with content, edits to your layout, or additional pages or sections, it will be performed based on the current hourly rate.

The cost of hosting is based on the kind of storage and service you need to support the package you choose. In some cases, adding to your website will require an increase in hosting cost. This is usually the case when changes require a large increase in image or video storage and display-- or in the event that your website becomes so popular that you need to be able to handle more traffic than the package plan hosting can handle.

Website content?

The packages outlined below are shown with the assumption that you will be providing your own content. A certain number of stock photography images may be included in the plan as part of the layout, but you are solely responsible for content added after your website is launched.

Once you find a plan

Select the plan, and then enter the information on the next page to describe your needs.

Business Starter
Great for Doctor Offices
$ 1250 to get started
$ 200

Responsive, single-page design that offers solid footing for growth.

  1. Interchangeable header image
  2. Welcome/Overview section
  3. "About" section (great place to showcase your team)
  4. Select one additional content section (see options)
  5. Select one customized section to display form downloads, embed media, or other text (option examples coming soon)
  6. Location/Contact Section: Google map of location, phone/fax, hours
  7. 3 passes of edits to content* and layout modifications
  8. Personalized instructions for using and modifying your website
  9. 1 hour of instruction (as necessary)
  10. *You provide the content
Grow as you need
$ 1600 to get started
$ 300

Start with a a home page that offers all the visitor-capturing content you need and the freedom to add at-will.

  1. Semi-custom responsive design, with a home page that contains up to three customized features (examples coming soon)
  2. Choose up to four content sections that feed into the home page and link to separate pages for more information
  3. Google Analytics integration so that you can follow website traffic
  4. 3 passes of edits to content* and layout modifications
  5. Personalized instructions for using and modifying your website
  6. 1 hour of support to teach you how to manage the site on your own
  7. *You provide the content
Photographers and Artists
$ 1400 to get started
$ 400

Most creatives need some kind of portfolio to show their work, and this one is a great way to start. Ideal for photographers and artists, the blog-based portfolio is also a great way to organize and present video and writing samples.

  1. Semi-custom, fully-responsive, clean layout built on the Silverstripe content management system
  2. Home page that pulls the latest examples from your artwork or photography samples, linking your visitors to sections dedicated to categories of your work
  3. Optional/Interchangeable header image for each page
  4. About-us page/section
  5. Contact [basic] form page/section with links to your social media profiles
  6. Portfolio section that accommodates a variety of media and projects
  7. Each portfolio project can be categorized and tagged for organization and alternate displays
  8. 3 passes of edits to content* and layout modifications
  9. Personalized instructions for adding content to and editing your website
  10. 1 hour of support
  11. *You provide the content
More Plans

With packages starting at less than $1000 for a completely functional, custom website, a great idea is to start with that as a foundation and to add as you need. However, if you simply need some of the other services we offer, please refer to appropriate tab to see the rate.

$50 per hour

(For existing website [full website build] clients.)

Love what you have but just want to add a new feature or two? It's easy!  Just contact me and let me know what you want me to do.


  • Add a call-out/call-to-action section to show announcements or events
  • Change the layout of a section to better organize the content
  • Add a contact form

$75 per hour

(This rate is for clients who have a website built by someone else or who want me to work with another developer to build their website on a non-Silverstripe platform.)

Some clients already have a website that just needs a change here and there to boost their overall appearance, increase visitor retention, or add functionality. Others need to add extensive functionality to an existing site and don't know where to begin. I can help.

  • Helping with WordPress installation, setup, module selection and implementation
  • Making content and layout modifications to non-Alavive websites
  • Creating a website plan to use with another developer (some people can code well but have no idea how to arrange a website)

$60 per hour

Whether I build your website or work with you to promote it, I know how to make your product, service, or ideas visible across the web.

  • Search engine optimization
  • Social Media planning and post scheduling
  • Website search submissions

$60 per hour

A great website involves visitor-retaining content that is rich in keywords but meaningful to the reader. Beyond that, it is important to understand the personality of the brand you want to build (or already have) and to convey that with consistency of tone and tenacity. To achieve this effectively requires research and commitment.